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        Heavy Duty Goods Rack




        RAL color code

        Brand Blue Whale
        Material High-quality cold-rolled steel plate
        Structure Knocked down structure

        Product description

        Product name Heavy Duty Goods Rack
        Material High-quality cold-rolled steel plate
        Thickness 0.5mm is widely used conventionally. 0.4 ~ 1.0mm
        Color RAL or customer required color
        Surface Electronic powder coating
        Warranty period 3-5 years
        Note OEM & ODM accepted
        Related certificates ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001,BV
        Use for Factory, etc.
        Structure Knocked down structure, easy to assemble and convenient to transport
        Product range Steel Shelving,Heavy Duty Goods Rack

        Product Features

        · Personalized customization, we can customize the color, printing and other personalized steel shelving products according to your needs.
        · Knock down structure, easy to assemble heavy duty goods rack.
        · Data of the heavy duty goods rack, column can be 12 meters high,loading capacity of each shelf can be 5 tons.
        · Shelf height, the height between levels can be adjusted .
        · Triangular mechanical structure, easy to install and the structure is stable.
        · Free store layout design,steel shelving can be customized according to your needs.