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        Single Door Steel Locker




        Custom color

        Model L-B1
        Brand Blue Whale
        Material High-quality cold-rolled steel plate
        Size H1850*W380*D450mm? / customized
        Structure Knocked down structure
        Packing volume 0.059cbm

        Product description

        Product Advantage details (Left)Product Advantage details (Right)

        Product name Single Door Steel Locker
        Material High-quality cold-rolled steel plate
        Product size H1850*W380*D450mm? / customized
        Thickness 0.5mm is widely used conventionally. 0.4 ~ 1.0mm
        Packing volume 0.059cbm
        Color RAL or customer required color
        Surface Electronic powder coating
        Loading details 474 / 20GP, 1152 / 40HQ
        Warranty period 3-5 years
        Note OEM & ODM accepted
        Related certificates ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001,BV
        Use for Office, school, home, hotel, hospital, company, factory, etc.
        Structure Knocked down structure, easy to assemble and convenient to transport
        Product range Single Door Steel Locker,Steel Lockers

        Product Features

        · Personalized customization, we can customize the color, handle, lock and other personalized?steel lockers according to your needs.
        · Knock down structure, easy to assemble single door lockers, only 10 minutes for skilled workers to assemble.
        · Selected locks. Two lock options for your choice, Wangtong and cyber lock,They are of fine workmanship and reliable quality.
        · Exquisite card slot. Humanized design,single door steel locker easy to distinguish management.
        · Steel lockers clothes hanging rod. Strong bearing capacity, convenient storage, beautiful and generous, Sturdy and durable.
        · High bearing shelf. Sturdy and firm,single door steel locker can store a large number of items without deformation.